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One of my other hobbies is trading Forex. For this, i use the Metrader 4 platform for automated trading.
Sometimes when i have opened multiple instances of the MT4 platform it sometimes crashes.

In case i have open orders a pretty big risk.
For that i have developed this solution, but it can be used to monitor any process.

Relauncher  just simply checks if the executables in the config file are still running.
If not, it just executes it again.


Relauncher is aware of the path so you can run multiple instances of the same executable (if located on different places)

Of course there are much more situations you can use this app for .... 


Last Updated (Wednesday, 26 October 2011 11:21)


Kill Citrix Sessions

It happened frequently that some of my users can't login into Citrix anymore, because they didn't logged of like they should.

(we allow only one session)

In that case the user's session have to be kicked from the Citrix farm.

To delegate this task to our helpdesk i have developed this little util.

It connects to the farm with elevated privileges and scans it for all user sessions.

Credentials can be entered the first time you start it up and will be saved in the current user registry (3DES encrypted).

The app first scans all your Citrix servers for user sessions.
It's therefore advisable to use it only on smal farms (max 10 servers)

Bigger farms means longer scanning time.

When finished scanning, just select a user then and click "logoff"


One important note; i have developed this on a XenApp5 environment and not tested on 6.
Lower versions do not have the required WMI namespace so will not work. 


Last Updated (Monday, 31 January 2011 14:08)


SQLMate1.0 Beta 3

However i have configured logging of my SQL performance data, i missed a realtime performance dashboard.
Looking around the web i found a few products matching my needs. But the disadvantage was that they where too expensive and
and had a lot of extra stuff i really don't care about.
Therefore i decided to build something myself.

I called the result SQLMate and i'm using it for a while now and am pretty satisfied.
Therefore i decided to share it with you.

SQLMate is able to monitor the following counters: 

  • User connections
  • Buffer cache hit ratio
  • Page life expectancy
  • Deadlocks/sec
  • Batch requests/sec
  • Full scans/sec
  • Page splits/sec
  • Lock requests/sec
  • Detailed transactions/sec
  • Log file usage


You can download it for free, but i would appreciate if you send me your bug reports or suggestions for improvement.


Last Updated (Friday, 28 May 2010 12:05)